The Turning Guide welcomes you to book your tour with us via the option above or feel free to call or email us anytime during our business hours of...

10am to 8pm PST (Pacific Standard Time)


To make your experience more enjoyable The Turning Guide really appreciates you to take note of the following information and requests:

Please arrive at least 15 minutes for your scheduled tour so that we can accommodate you and for you to get parked.

Snacks and Drinks are allowed in moderation.

Bring your camera for photo taking and/or your smart phone as regular tours have a scenic stop to stretch your legs and take photos.

Please wear weather appropriate clothing.

Our local Tour Drivers will answer any questions you may have before and during the tour.

If you are taking advantage of one of our "Private Tours" please call our office to make reservations.

You are welcome to Call or Email Us anytime for additional information, reservations or special requests.

The Turning Guide is excited about meeting you!